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Basil Oil: Health Benefits, Uses, and Important Facts

Do you want your food to taste heavenly? Are you checking out some exotic flavor oils? Do you want some healthy oil choices? Here you go for the excellent flavorful choice of the day, the basil oil. This oil is a hardcore herb oil that enhances the flavors of food giving it an enigmatic aroma. This oil also has several medicinal values added to it. As mentioned previously, the aroma of basil oil is addictive and increases the taste of the food.

Every medicinal oil has its use and importance. As human beings, we need to learn how to use this oil with care. The oil needs to be handled with care by reducing the concentration.

Origin of Basil Oil 

This enchanting oil is an ingredient from one of the best herbs, Ocimum canum. The basil tree is a tropical tree that is seen only in the regions of Africa and Asia. There are more than 70 species in this tree. The pure extracted basil oil’s colour is pale yellow to pale green. The basil plant is a member of the mint family tree. This herb is called the Queen of Herbs. Basil oil plays a significant role in the culinary world across the world. The nutritional value of this pure, extracted basil oil is vitamins and minerals that strengthen the body and retain the texture of the skin and its requirements.

Extraction of Basil Oil:

Though the basil oil is extracted from the herb as mentioned in its origin, here is another method of extraction of this oil through the steam distillation of methyl chavicol. This methyl chavicol is available in the same herb as basil oil. The extraction of methyl chavicol is around 70–75%, where the basil oil is extracted with the utmost care by Ganapati Agri Business Pvt. Ltd., one of the pioneers in the agro-based industry and its components for the healthy betterment of people.

Benefits of Basil Oil:

So now let us have a look at its importance and its uses. 

The benefits of basil oil are enormous and have numerous health properties. Aromatherapy is one of the important uses of basil oil. The aroma has both health benefits and a relaxing element.

Here are more to add to the benefits:

Anti-microbial Protection:

Basil oil has components that help combat minor diseases like colds and flu and basic viral infections. They directly attack the source of the virus. It decreases the pathogens and destroys the bacteria.


The oil is an excellent choice for curing swelling and inflammation. It massages the muscles and reduces the pain in the swelling. There are fewer side effects while using this oil for swelling and inflammation.

Insect Repellent:

The oil is a natural bug repellent instead of using chemicals. Other chemical-based repellents have side effects, while this does not. Another advantage of this oil is that adding it to water would make it a good dish soap.


A contended healer in indigestion when a small amount of oil is applied to the stomach. It is not advisable to consume this oil directly, as it has high concentrations.

Low Moods:

In cases where there is some stress and a depressed feeling, this oil is an excellent choice for clearing mood swings. It gives a positive feeling to the person by inhaling the basil oil. However, the oil is better at a lower concentration.


As mentioned earlier, it is a clear choice for dish soap, it has antibacterial properties that eliminate bad odours, stopping pathogens from spreading. It is an excellent stain remover.

Oral Hygiene:

One can use this basil oil as a solution to maintain oral hygiene. It is mixed with clove oil, to reduce the pain in the tooth as well. 

Hair and Skin Help:

It cleanses the dead cells on the skin. It also rejuvenates the appearance of the skin. The basil oil needs to be diluted with another carrier oil, to reduce the concentration. It works as a hair mask along with a shampoo and conditioner.

Now having a look at the benefits of this basil-oil, we already know that Ganapati Agri has been extracting this oil with care and is supplying it across the country. Here is a small detail on the same. 

Ganpati Agri Business Pvt. Ltd.- Creator of Essential Oils:

Ganapati Agri Business Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best basil oil suppliers in India. Among the top basil oil manufacturers in India, Ganapati Agri Business Pvt. Ltd. has laid a strong foundation by manufacturing basil oil. The essential oils are extracted, cleaned, cleaned and processed effectively. They have ensured the safety and requirements of the clients. They have the best natural products with perfect compounds mixed. The essential oils are a major advantage to their clients. People love the basil oils of Ganapti Agri as the best oil exporter in India.

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